Explore the variety of our work, from Modern to Traditional, Rustic to Sleek, Vernacular to Urbane.  Our philosophy and our process leads to artful architecture that is uniquely appropriate and responsive to each project, client, and place.


Over the past decade as housing trends in the Seattle area have changed we have become increasingly involved with Multi-family Homes.  From townhomes to mid-rise condominiums our philosophy remains the same as for our Custom Home projects:  creating unique projects responsive to the site, the client, the resident and the community.


The primary focus of our work is residential architecture with a particular fascination and experience with Custom Homes.  We enjoy the challenges and opportunities of working with a beautiful, forested, waterfront, rural site as well as a small infill urban property.  Over the years we have been involved in the creation of unique homes throughout the Northwest.


A consistent focus of the firm has been the pursuit of, and interest in, new and different ways of living.  Whether affordable, highly-sustainable or pre-fabricated we are constantly looking for new ideas for how to live in a changing world.



Although the primary focus of the firm is on residential architecture, we have experience with many building types including Community Center, Religious facility, Restaurant and Office work.  We enjoy the challenges these structures bring and the opportunity to contribute to this public realm of architecture.


Over the years we have worked on remodels of all scales.  Having many of the same opportunities as new homes these projects often present additional challenges.  Our experience with remodel projects allows us to anticipate many of these challenges and resolve them in unique and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Rural homes

Protecting the special beauty of the rural environment requires careful planning and thoughtful design.  The thorough site analysis process we pursue and the innate appreciation we have for nature allows us to create homes which we hope will magnify, for the inhabitants, these natural settings.

Urban homes

We have extensive experience working in urban environments, particularly the City of Seattle, and navigating the complex jurisdictional requirements of such sites.  Our goal is to create places of privacy and order within the urban context while respecting neighbors and the character of the city.

Waterfront homes

Waterfront sites present special challenges and incredible opportunities for appreciating the beauty of the Northwest.  The responsibility for protecting these public resources is a significant element of any design on the water.  We do extensive work in the San Juan Islands and have a special affinity for the character of that place.

Market Housing

We often work with housing developers to create speculative single family home projects that have the character of a custom home. We bring our experience in both custom homes and multi-family projects together to create unique, budget sensitive residences that will provide an inspiring living experience for the homebuyer.