our process


We request that you complete a questionnaire we have created to aid in formulating and communicating your ideas, concerns and hopes for your new or renewed residence.  The questionnaire responses are then gathered into a detailed Program that will allow the design to directly reflect your input.

You may also be asked to supply a Survey, a Geotechnical report or other studies required by the jurisdiction or otherwise deemed necessary.  We have consultants that we use on a regular basis that will be recommended.

We spend time on the site studying the specific conditions found there in a search for what makes that particular place special.  We create a Site Analysis diagram to ensure that the design responds to these unique characteristics.

Each location has specific jurisdiction requirements that must be met.  No matter the location, we use our long experience with this process to determine and clarify those requirements.











Working interactively with you we now evaluate a number of potential solutions to the “problem” presented by the Program and the Site Analysis. Initially this involves quick sketch layouts that allow us to consider both obvious and radical ideas for how spaces can be arranged in relationship to each other and to the site.

With a preferred concept in mind we then develop a more specific plan along with ideas on how the home might visually relate to the site and the clients vision for the home.  We use ArchiCAD BIM software to visualize the design in three dimensions on the site.

At this point we would assist the client in selecting a General Contractor to build the home and they would prepare a preliminary budget estimate for the project.  With this budget information, changes to the design can be made as needed to reach budget goals.

With the basic design determined and within the framework of the budget we would assist the client in selecting interior and exterior finishes, lighting, hardware, plumbing fixtures etc.











With the goal of submitting for a Building Permit with the jurisdiction we now prepare the Construction Documents for the project.  These proceed directly from the ArchiCAD work we prepared in designing the home.  They include detailed plans, elevations, sections and site plans.  

An engineer will be hired to perform the Structural Engineering and other consultants will be hired as necessary.

Permit submittal data will be collected and prepared and submitted to the jurisdiction.

The permit review process by the jurisdiction is typically a lengthy process.  While this is ongoing we typically add to the project documentation the pieces that are not required for permit – these include electrical plans, interior elevations and final selections of finishes and equipment.

With completed plans and drawings the General Contractor can now prepare a detailed cost breakdown and a contract for construction.











With the permit in hand construction can begin.  Our work during this phase is typically limited to reviewing progress, answering Contractor questions, clarifying the drawings, reviewing shop drawings and attending on-site construction meetings.  These meetings will occur on a regular basis and will include the client, they are critical to resolving questions and making sure all decisions are made in a timely fashion.

During construction we would also be available to review payment applications submitted by the Contractor.

When the home is nearly complete we would review the project and prepare a Punch List of remaining work.










It has been a significant effort for all involved and the process has not been perfectly smooth – it never is in this complex endeavor.  But now it is done.

Your dream has become a reality.  It is time to enjoy the new life you have created.  Welcome home.









"David Vandervort gave us a beautiful design for our whole house remodel. Our 1956 home was on a beautiful site, but wasn't built to take advantage of the location. The new design provided a beautiful floorplan, amazing views, and a functional design that transitions beautifully from entertaining to everyday family life. The firm was easy to work with and David was a great guide throughout the process on everything from contractor selection to sustainable materials."

— Erika Price —