Yale Townhomes

Seattle | Washington 

Yale Terrace is a high-end townhouse project in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle.  Our client wished to develop seven units, taking advantage of views and local amenities.

Sloping westerly toward Lake Union, the 10,000 sf site has expansive views of the lake. The site is bordered on the west by Yale Avenue and on the east by an alley.

While much of Yale Ave has been developed to the underlying multi-family zone, it still retains some of it’s historic residential scale.  We strove to reinforce this residential nature by visually separating the units in such a way as to emphasize individual homes.  

The units are also stepped away from Yale Ave as they rise, creating roof decks that relate to both the street and the views beyond.  The center of the site is opened up and intensively landscaped in order to create an entrance courtyard for the upper units.

Developer:  Jason Viydo & Andrew Fortier
Photography:  Michael Shopenn Photography