The Woods at Felicita

Harrisburg | Pennsylvania 

The Woods Cabins will be a unique community of 124 cabins within the overall community of Felicita near Harrisburg, PA. 

The vision for this project is to fit a specific second-home market segment with homes as a relaxing refuge, modest in size and above all connected to their natural surroundings. 

The goal is to create a place where community involvement is encouraged through design and sensitive site and unit planning. The buyers of these cabins will be generally professional, and have a mixed range of ages, backgrounds and family arrangements.

The individual homes will be carefully sited within the heavily wooded site for privacy, views and site preservation.  Each home will range from 900 to 1,800 sf and be designed for prefabrication.  Multiple designs with optional variations will allow for the individuality of each home to be expressed.

Developer:  Third Way Housing