Fremont Abbey Arts Center

Seattle | Washington 

Church of the Apostles, an “emerging church” with ties to the Lutheran and Episcopal tradition, purchased the former St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  

Their vision was to create a multi-functional facility that would serve as art center, community theater, meeting hall, concert venue, cafe and worship space.  

The architectural response was to maintain the tradition of the existing structure with discreet interventions representing the new proposed uses.  The building was opened up to the street by removing a bunker-like entrance ramp, maximizing glazing and the creation of an overlook balcony.  

Inside the main hall hinged panels allow for smaller spaces within the larger volume, create more wall space for art display, act as window screening and provide for sound control.  

This allows for many different types of activity to comfortably occupy the same space.  The facility also includes an “abbey” styled restaurant on the ground level and church offices.