Lake Wenatchee Residence

Leavenworth | Washington

This residence for a young Seattle couple was designed as a weekend getaway retreat to hang out with friends and family as well as a home for them and their young son.  Located on the transitional slope of a majestic cliff face and overlooking the expansive Lake Wenatchee Valley and the Cascade Range beyond this home was designed to take in views from all directions.

The open plan encourages an informality appropriate to the owners’ lifestyle while more intimate spaces like the loft, screened porch and guest suite allow for retreat.  The extensive glass areas provide for a direct relationship of interior to exterior space.


The house is cut into the slope of the site creating a level entry court which provides an element of order within the wild native vegetation.  Significant accumulations of snow influenced the flow and form of the dominant metal roof.  The angles and articulation of the form echo the hillside and cliff face beyond.

Construction: BOA Construction
Photography: Sean Airhart

Site Plan

Main Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan