Magnolia Residence

Seattle | Washington

This 1,765 square foot Magnolia residence was designed to metaphorically represent the “new” in contrast and emerging from the “old”.  On the physical location of a previous residence destroyed by fire, a new “shadow house” has been located – a simple gable structure clad in gray corrugated metal siding and roof. 

The “new” home reaches out from the old in bold form, clad in red cement board siding and fir curtain window wall and is softened by a curved entry path, trellis and deck elements.  The process of entry to the home flows through this “river” path which leads from the sidewalk opening through dense vegetation and approaches the house from the south.

The home was carefully designed to minimize the footprint imposition on the land, to receive maximum daylight and preserve views from adjacent structures.  Additional environmental influences on the design included high efficiency glazing and formaldehyde free insulation, and a construction process that considered recycling, waste management and availability of local resources.  The featured material palate includes the use of salvaged lumber, formaldehyde free “Medite” flooring, cabinets manufactured with “wheatboard”, concrete countertops, natural finishes and energy star rated appliances.

Construction: Stonewood Builders
Photography: Michael Moore Photography