Welcome to our new website!

January 14, 2013 by mike in News

Welcome to our new website!

We at David Vandervort Architects are excited to debut our new website – enhanced with more content in a new, cutting edge format designed for the web, tablets and phones.  You will be able to view more of our work with new projects appearing as quickly as they are completed.

For the past 18 years we have sought to bring thoughtful, appropriate architectural solutions to a variety of projects throughout Seattle and the Northwest.  We hope to use this new site to show all we have learned over these years and what we continue to learn.

In the months and years ahead we intend for this new forum to focus on a northwest aesthetic derived from the inspiration of this place; what makes the homes we live in and buildings we work in unique and how can we be about supporting the community in which we live.  We intend to profile people, places and buildings that inspire, share examples of our work that seek to dialogue with this place and promote a healthier and more sustainable way of living for all of us.

So this is what we are about:

A deep understanding of this place in which we live – rooted in 50 years of exploring and contemplating Seattle and the Northwest

A passion for art and beauty as it is expressed in the environment and as it speaks to each one of us personally.

An Architecture that seeks to reflect these characteristics by fusing the organic and the technological into cutting edge design focused on people and their needs.

David Vandervort, AIA

“Architecture should be eternal…it should remain in the heart and soul of the person experiencing it.”    Tadao Ando