Lindal Architects Collaborative

January 28, 2013 by mike in News

Lindal Architects Collaborative

In May of 2012 David Vandervort Architects were selected to join five nationally renowned architects in a new initiative at Lindal Cedar homes.  This Lindal Architects Collaborative seeks to pair thoughtful, unique architectural design with Lindal’s time-tested pre-fabricated housing model.

On January 27th 2013, David Vandervort and Mike Butrim presented our initial designs to the Lindal Annual Meeting at the Seattle Marriot conference center.  We were one of four architects from accross the county presenting works and thoughts about sustainability, adaptability, good design and cost efficiency.

When we began to develop the designs for our Lindal homes we established the following goals:

  •   maximize potential of Lindal system by not deviating from the system
  •   preserve affordability through simple plans and forms
  •   per our philosophy we wanted to provide for adaptability to site conditions
  •   explore ideas of livable modern design – informal light filled spaces
  •   enhance interior to exterior relationship through windows and outdoor spaces
  •   maximize view and daylight potential
  •   provide dynamic character of a custom home – not production housing
  •   honor the Lindal tradition while exploring new design directions of interest to us

We presented three homes:

  • A 2,490 sf home inspired by the classic A-frame roof which was patented by Walter Lindal in the 1960’s.
  • A 2,020 sf home (1,252 main floor) based on the traditional gable roof with dormer.
  • A 2,730 sf home based on the idea of a collection of simple primal huts.

Please visit our website to view renderings of these homes:  DVA Lindal Architects Collaborative Homes